Collaborative, Naturally Curious, Persistent, Goal Pursuer, Motivator, Contributor, Leader, Supporter

Small Living, Minimal Footprint, Recycler of Things, Conscious Consumer, Landfill Eliminator Person

Foster Kids, Foster Animals, Hospice Care, Human Compassion and Kindness

Dog and Cat Mom, Lover of Life, Lover of People, Lover of Travel, Lover of Learning, Lover of The Creator

Hiking, Group Exercise Classes, Polo, Swimming in the Ocean, Biking, Trail Running, Gardening, Standup Paddle Boarding, Yoga

Star Gazer, Solar Activity Tracker, Ocean Lover and Caretaker

100th Monkey Effect, Random Synchronicity, Creative Chaos, Schrodinger’s Cat

Mentoring and Tutelage, Risk Mitigating Risk Taker, Heart and Mind Coherence