Garden Time

I love gardening. For me and many other green thumbs, it is therapeutic and comforting. There is joy in planting new cuttings and watching them take root, thrive, and blossom to become a source of propagation for the garden. Planting… Continue Reading →

Busy Bee-ing

I have a great love for plants, flowers, trees and soil and the especially the rich, earthy smell of it and being outside in nature. It makes me happy to see a beautiful flower or find an old tree towering… Continue Reading →

It’s Never Too Late

After years of a practicing yoga, I finally took the leap and got certified to be a yoga instructor. Two hundred hours and four months later, I am excited to now be able to guide people in their journey and… Continue Reading →

My Living Small Life

Back in 2009 I started to get the itch to peel away, pare down, and de-clutter my life. I became much more aware of unused space and unused things. It  caused me to shift my focus to what I really… Continue Reading →

Being Fiona and Sophia

These are 2 of my four legged furry kids. I also have a cat, Miss Kitty who I am sure will be mused about one day. I love them all and they nourish my soul in so many ways. Mostly… Continue Reading →

“Observing the Frontier” Phoenix, AZ Studying our Sun and how its activity affects the Earth

This weekend I am attending the “Observing the Frontier” conference here in Phoenix. I bought my tickets back in September 2015 and I am excited it’s finally here! I am a curious nerd at heart and I will definitely be… Continue Reading →

Conscious and Unconscious Competence ; A Learning Model

I remember early in my sales career, one of my managers explaining the phases of competence that one progresses along when learning a new skill, and in that case, my new job. It made so much sense to me and… Continue Reading →

A day at La Jolla Farmer’s Market

After a visit to the farmer’s market, my dear friend, Christina, whipped up a fresh salad. Included were fresh greens, asian cucumber, almonds, walnuts, sprouted quinoa, avocado, berries, olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon juice and Himalayan sea salt.

Playing in Portland

I spent some time up in Eugene, Oregon this summer.  One day, while checking out downtown Portland, I came upon this extraordinary artist and spent most of my morning listening to his creations. I shot my own video that is… Continue Reading →

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