This weekend I am attending the “Observing the Frontier” conference here in Phoenix. I bought my tickets back in September 2015 and I am excited it’s finally here! I am a curious nerd at heart and I will definitely be in my element with the other nerds, scientists, scholars and professors who study and report on solar and space activities for a living. I have been following Space Weather News for more than a year and am fascinated by the strong correlation between our star’s solar activity and the Earth’s weather, earthquakes, volcanoes and other geo-magentic activities. I have my own suspicion that we are all physiologically affected by this activity in some way, but who in their right mind would ever claim or take on that hypothesis as a project?!

If you have ever been curious about our Sun’s activity and how it affects us here on Earth, this site is fascinating. You can access daily solar activity reports at Space Weather News. While you are there, take a look around at the other information regarding changes in our Earth’s magnetosphere, climate and polar shifts. Ben Davidson is the site owner/authors and does an outstanding job of summarizing and simplifying potentially undecipherable, very scientific data and makes it very accessible. Thanks, Ben. I love your approach to this topic and I appreciate that you are making it widely available to all who are seeking it.