I love gardening. For me and many other green thumbs, it is therapeutic and comforting. There is joy in planting new cuttings and watching them take root, thrive, and blossom to become a source of propagation for the garden.

Planting and managing the garden also supports the planner, builder, cultivator, and nurturer in me. I get to watch which plants thrive and facilitate their growth by changing their environment related to the sunlight, water, soil or location. I regularly inquire and incorporate other garden lovers favorite tips and tricks into my plans. The great thing about plants is they are very forgiving and adaptable.

Most of the garden is grown from cuttings donated from my neighbors’ plants or from the sale shelves at Home Depot. I also collect and add stones and pieces of driftwood from our local beaches to add interest. I think those are ok to transplant and borrow?

Burying my bokashi composted food scraps on the hill also helped the previously barren area to thrive. I strategically buried six different 5 gallon containers of fermented scraps and incorporated them into the hill by manually tilling and spreading the good soil throughout. This definitely changed the health of the soil and helped the garden to flourish.

This Spring I will be moving more of these lovelies around as they have outgrown their area and need more room. I look forward to getting my hands in the dirt and re-arranging things to make more space for growth.

Patio wall